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Arba for Work Case Study
– Bicycle Shelter

The Client
The Commissioners of Irish Lights ( - appointed under statute to act as the General Lighthouse Authority for the island of Ireland - are responsible for the superintendence and management of aids to navigation around the entire coast of Ireland, its adjacent seas and islands. Headquartered in Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin, the organisation engages just over 200 full-time and 75 part-time staff to fulfil this remit in various locations around the island.

The Project
Arba was engaged to provide a bicycle shelter from its standard range, and install it at the company’s headquarters in Dún Laoghaire in the Summer of 2008.

  Arba for Work Case Study

The Background
It was during Spring 2008 that the need for a weather-proof bicycle shelter came to the fore. “While there was an open rack on site, it did not facilitate properly securing the bicycles, or protecting them from the elements,” recalls Arthur Ward, Transport Logistics Manager with The Commissioner of Irish Lights. “This was, therefore, not acceptable to many staff members, who were otherwise keen to cycle to work.” In an effort to fulfil this need and help promote a healthier lifestyle amongst the Commissioners’ workers, management approved the purchase of a covered bicycle shelter in the early Summer.

It was Arthur’s job to source it. He started by doing a search on the Internet, which proved very worthwhile. “It quickly brought me to Arba’s website, where I found exactly what I was looking for,” he remembers. “The curved poly cycle shelter, stood out for a number of reasons; it had panels to the ground on three sides, providing extra protection against the often-strong sea breezes here. In addition, the frame was treated with a hot zinc finish, which would help preserve it against the corrosive, saline atmosphere in this coastal location. It was also available in the size we wanted – for 10 bikes – and came with a full backup and installation service. It nearly seemed to good to be true ...”

Without delay, Arba was invited to quote for the job, as were two additional suppliers. While there was little variance in the three firms’ pricing, Arba’s competitors fell way behind when it came to flexibility; flexibility in terms of being able to build to the desired specification, and in their apparent willingness to go the extra mile to meet their customer’s needs. What really clinched the deal for Arba, however, was the fact that they were the only supplier able to deliver and install the unit within 2 weeks from order confirmation. “This was a significant factor,” Arthur clarifies, “as some work was being done on the grounds at that time. It was important that the new bicycle shelter would be incorporated into this and completed while the builders were on site.”

The new bicycle shelter was delivered and installed to schedule and without incident. Arthur directed the Arba team to work directly with the builders to ensure that the groundwork was suitable for the shelter before it arrived. “This worked very well, and left me out of the day-to-day loop.” The true value of working directly with the manufacturer became apparent when The Commissioners needed to change one rack to accommodate narrower, racing bicycle wheels. While this might have involved repeated requests and delays, Arba, being in direct control of the overall process, were able to produce and install the replacement rack in just a few days. “I found Arba excellent to deal with in every way,” Arthur says in summary. “In fact, I hope to be in a position to order a motor bike shelter from them in the near future!”

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