Curved Cycle Shelter
Our most popular bicycle Shelter design.
Attractive curved design with glazing on three sides for greater security.
Galvanised steel framework with optional paint finish in any colour.
UV resistant polycarbonate glazing.
Option of Bicycle racks or Bicycle stands for greater security (bicycle frame can be locked to the Stand, not just the wheel).

6 Cycle – Dims: 2.0m x 1.85m x 2.3m
10 Cycle– Dims: 3.8m x 1.85m x 2.3m
15 Cycle– Dims: 5.6m x 1.85m x 2.3m
20 cycle– Dims: 7.6m x 1.85m x 2.3m

20 Bike curved Cycle Shelter

Curved Cycle Shelter with Stand

Curved Cycle Shelter with Lockers